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About Us
Established in 1971 by Mechanical Engineer Gültekin Güney in a rent shop in Ankara, as a grey iron cupola foundry. In 1977 Deniz Döküm moved to its own place in Eskisehir. Our scope of manufacturing is engineered castings in ductile and gray iron ferrous and steel alloys as well as non-ferrous alloys allow us to produce quality castings to various braches of industry from 0.5kg to 5 ton.
Our company’s success is based on over 35 years of experience, quality of our work and technological potential. With innovation, know-how and high motivation we react not only to new trends in manufacturing technology but also to the constantly changing requirements of our individual customers, thereby making an important contribution to the progress of their business.
Main markets served:
-Construction - Machine Tools - Agriculture - Automotive - Valves & Pumps - Mining & Cement - General Machinery
Through our single source philosophy and recent investments to computer controlled machining centres we are also capable to supply finished, added value cast components.

ProductsProcessing from incoming drawings, samples or patterns product line includes machinery components to various branches of industry, spares and replacements for construction and mining equipment, municipal and street castings, valves, pumps and turbocharger housings. We cast all grades of:
Grey Cast Iron SG (Ductile) Cast Iron Carbon Steel Low Alloy Steel Stainless Steel Ni-Hard and Hi-Chrome Abrasion Resistant Irons Austenitic Manganese Steel